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9-23 Kanda-cho Gifu City, 500-8833
TEL:058-266-8111 FAX:058-265-107

Access / Guide for Parking

①、ILCUREDO Parking

business hours 7:00~23:00
vehicle height / 155cm
vehicle width / 180cm

②③、Meitetsu Kyosho Parking

Open 24hrs
100yen / 20min.
1,300yen / No Time
vehicle height / 200cm
Bus, Truck / Unavailable

④、Yasuda Shoji Parking

Open 24hrs
10yen / 50min.
1,200yen / No Time
vehicle height / 220cm
Bus, Truck / Unavailable

Advance parking ticket can be purchased at hotel.
Ticket is valid for 24 hours and will save the budget 200 yen.
Can not leave the car during parking.

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